Shelves & Niches

Muraflo’s accessories include pre-tiled shelves and niches.

Your shelf or niche can be ordered as an upgrade to one of our standard design shower or bath tub surrounds, or as part of a Custom Design package.

Feel free to mix and match in a way that suits your bathroom size, personal needs and budget. Whatever you choose… Have fun accessorizing!


Muraflo’s pre-tiled triangular shelves fit snugly in the corner of a bath tub or shower surround.
Their size is generally dependant on the size of the tile used on the wall, with a maximum size of 13″ x 13″ x 18½”.


Muraflo’s pre-tiled wall niches can be recessed into a back or side wall of a bath tub or shower surround,
with their placement dependant on fixtures and architectural considerations as well as personal choice. Their size is typically 12″ x 12″.