Product Testing and Certification – Part 2

After lunch at the RADCO lab, installation continued. The products which required testing as part of ICC-ES certification were our largest sized Standard Collection Mura-Tile Shower Surround and Tray, measuring 36″ deep by 60″ wide by 7′ high. The surround and tray featured ‘Oro’ porcelain tile, tray tile mosaic and listello. RADCO helped make the process a smooth one.

“RADCO is a nationally recognized Independent Third-party Testing, Listing and Inspection Agency for building systems and materials.”

After leveling the floor area and installing the tray in this one of a kind installation, the Muraflo team moved on to installing the nine panels required to finish the surround. To complete the installation, the interpanel seams were grouted and the corners and tray seam caulked. The preparation and installation took just four hours to complete.

Onwards and upwards… Literally…