Pricing, quotes and orders

General ordering process:

To start the inquiry or ordering process, contact us by phone or email. Give us as much detail as you can about your project – the product(s) you are interested in, the dimensions of your shower or bath, the standard design you are interested in, etc. With this we can provide you with an Estimate for your project.

If you are interested in our surround walls, we will put you in touch with a Muraflo approved installer, who will help liaise with you about your choices to firm up your design. Once your choices are clear, your installer will send you the firm Quote that includes the product price and his/her installation fee, along with our Terms & Conditions of Sale, plus drawings and/or specification data for you to verify.

If you are interested in our shower trays, we can liaise with you, or your contractor or plumber, to firm up your design. We will send the firm Quote that includes the product cost, along with our Terms & Conditions of Sale, plus drawings and/or specification data for you to verify. Your contractor / plumber must provide you with his/her installation and/or drain to drain pipe connection fee.

Quotes for all products will include additional tax and shipping (where applicable).

When we receive your written approval, plus signed drawings / specification data, and your deposit, we begin production. Production time will generally depend on volume plus selected materials, and may be between one to four weeks. Our shower trays can be shipped directly to you, your contractor or plumber. Our walls can be shipped to areas where we have approved installers located.

All products will arrive with a Product Data Sheet, Warranty, Care & Maintenance Instructions and, for shower trays, Installation Instructions.

Commercial orders:

For industry customers, we will work with you to provide the design, materials and dimensions required by your project. All Quotes will be handled on a case by case basis. All paperwork, specifications, timescales and legal agreements will be handled on a case by case basis.

We can liaise with you to fit into any existing upgrade programs you have, or we can collaborate with you to design an upgrade program especially for your project(s).

As part of our agreement, we will train your team of installers to install our surrounds and trays. Once trained, your team will be able to install both surrounds and trays independently and, when they are fully proficient, will be able to install multiple bathrooms per day. Training may include a half day instruction at our facility and a full day on the job instruction / supervision at your installation location. We will supervise initial installations to ensure your team is confident and proficient.

Depending on location and scale, we can alternatively send our installation team to handle the installations. However, training your crew ensures longevity and your ability to continue installing our products independently.

Remember… Because our products are pre-fabricated and take, on average, half a day to install, (generally under 45 minutes for shower trays), installation costs are low. We reduce the often astronomical costs attached to having a shower tray, shower or bath tub walls made, tiled and grouted in situ.