Benefits for contractors and developers

Utilizing innovative solutions which increase efficiency and reduce the time and labor requirements of bathroom installation and remodelling are of great benefit to contractors and developers.

Install side panelThe Mura-Tile System allows contractors to spend more time on other parts of a project, and essentially, to move on faster to future projects.

This is especially valuable for professionals working on high volume, time-limited projects, such as hotel installations and condominium developments.

Our walls are installed directly into the bathroom studs; providing major time savings, greater efficiency and reduced costs. Benefits include:

  • Fast and easy wall panel installation. Our walls are screwed into the studs; they take, on average, half a day to install
  • Fast and easy tray installation. Our trays require minimum cement to prepare the floor area; the one piece, tiled tray, is installed in an hour
  •  A high quality, ICC-ES approved and listed product, which complies with IRC, IPC, UPC and IAPMO Standard PS 106-2014
  • Unique waterproof, lightweight, mold-resistant backing panels – no backerboard or cement required
  • Hassle free method; no more measuring and cutting of individual tiles and no more grouting
  • A fixed price which offers a cost effective method for the contractor
  • No expensive additional costs; the main materials required for installation are shims and screws, (we provide color-coded silicone caulking)
  • Reduced labor and associated costs; installation typically takes under a day and is a 1-2 person job, depending on the product and bathroom size
  • Reduced mess, dust and debris, with fewer materials requiring disposal, and reduced clear up time
  • Reduced labor error and tile breakages
  • Time savings on project turnaround, allowing the contractor to complete a far greater number of projects in far less time
  • An attractive product to offer customers; providing them a high quality, low maintenance product, with less time, mess, chaos and manpower

Muraflo developed our products with building professionals in mind; we believe it is possible for progress to benefit all parties. We will continue to work towards taking ever greater evolutionary leaps forward and we welcome collaborations with contractors, designers and developers now and at every step along the way.