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‘Earthen Dwelling’ Prefab Shower

These photos show a completed Muraflo installation of a one-piece shower tray with a left drain location, and a nine-piece panel system surround with two corner shelves.

For this Earthen Dwelling based design, the customer chose a sleek, clean, monochrome look. We matched a black sliced pebble for the shower tray interior, with a white 12″x24″ glazed porcelain tile on the walls. The wood-patterned glazed porcelain ‘driftwood’ tile on the curb creates the perfect complement to a pebble tray, and the design is tied cohesively together by running the same tile up the back wall as a vertical listello.

This a perfect example of how a simple design can cross-over into different color palettes: this design could for example also be created in warm beige and brown tones or beach-cottage blues and creams.

A family of shower trays

Muraflo is proud to be the leading company in America to manufacture prefabricated tiled shower trays / pans. Our trays arrive fully finished with tile, grout, trim and drain, and are ready for ultra-fast, non-intrusive installation.

If you are a contractor or plumber, you will slash your work time considerably. If you are an experienced DIY home-owner, you too can install our shower trays. We recommend allowing 30-50 minutes for installation, although some contractors install “in 15 minutes!”

We are currently expanding our line of trays, available through distributors in California, in particular, visit Builders Surplus in Santa Ana CA, to view four distinct styles, each with three or four color variations. Customers from most other American states can purchase directly from us. Installation instructions, warranty, and care & maintenance guidelines arrive with your tray, wrapped tight in one box for safe delivery.

‘Slate Undertones’ Custom Variation Shower

These photos show a completed installation of a Muraflo shower surround and tray, where the customer selected a custom variation of our Slate Undertones design, with two complimenting tile colors of Sand and Rust.

Their personalized custom variation included two changes:  a porcelain mosaic listello of Rust to contrast the Sand wall tile, and a predominantly Sand colored tray mosaic with a uniquely random placement of deeper toned Rust colored squares.

To complete the look and add economical storage for shampoo and soap, two corner shelves were added. Notice how the shelves are finished with the same satin aluminum profile edge to match the curb edge profile, creating a cohesive, contemporary, yet eternally classic design.

Muraflo at PCBC 2015

Muraflo had a wonderful reception at the PCBC Show in June 2015. We had many curious, interested and amazed people to talk to. Some of our favorite questions from the event were:

1. So do I hot mop first, before I put the shower pan down? NO! No hot-mopping or other preparation required, just a thin layer of thinset to hold the tray securely. That is why tray installation only takes 30-60 minutes.

2. I put greenboard or other backing behind your surround walls first right? NO! Our walls come with their own lightweight, strong, waterproof, mold-resistant composite backing panel with the tile already fused on to it. What you see is what you install.

3. So when do I tile it, after it is installed? NO! What you see is what you get… The tile, listellos and grout (and drain on a tray) are already attached. You just install the panels together.

4. You can only install it into metal studs? NO! These studs are just for the show, the system goes into wood or metal studs.

Yuba City, California, Bath Tub Surround Installation

These photos show a Muraflo pre-tiled and grouted Sandstone Serenity custom design variation bath tub surround in various stages of being installed.

The Sandstone Serenity gray porcelain tile is accented with a custom variation of the horozontal listello – a simple, subtle strip of gray porcelain mosaic.

The surround has yet to be grouted between the inter-panel seams and caulked with color matching silicone caulk.

After this is completed the final touch will be to add the end trim down the front vertical edges of the surround.

Yuba City, California, Shower Surround & Tray Installation

These photos show a Muraflo pre-tiled and grouted Smoke’n’Wood shower surround and Smoke’n’Wood custom variation tray in the various stages of being installed.

The pebbled shower tray is installed first. Its custom java-pebble interior is visible, however the color of its oak-patterned curb (matching the surround listello) is not visible due to its protective tape covering.

The nine surround panels, featuring Smoke’n’Wood bianco porcelain tile and oak porcelain listello, are installed next. Notice the holes cut for plumbing fixtures.

The installation has yet to be grouted between the inter-panel seams and caulked with color matching silicone caulk. After this is completed the final touch will be to add the end trim down the front vertical edges of the surround.

Carlsbad, California, Shower Surround and Tray

This custom shower surround and tray was designed by the owners to be a sleek, contemporary update to a small shower room space.

The black mosaic tile on the shower tray matches the floor tile, both of which contrast strongly with the white tile walls and the unusual, vertically running deco-strip.

The deco-strip itself adds a rich touch of vibrant green color into an otherwise pure black and white space.

This style of design is…

Perfect for creating a bold, contemporary look and bring an old, small shower room back to life!

San Diego Shower Surround and Tray Installation

These photos show a Muraflo custom shower surround and shower tray in various stages of being installed.

The shower tray, of course, is installed first. From there it is a matter of working upwards to install the nine pre-tiled panels.

For this bathroom, a niche was installed via conventional means. The contractors had additional work to finish the window area and lay tile on the surrounding walls to create a wainscot that seamlessly meets the shower surround.

This shower surround and tray are…

Perfect for incorporating a fun, retro-style design in your home!

Vista, California, Bath Tub Surround, 2014

This bath tub surround features a calming, warm colored tile from one of our Standard Collection Design ranges.

The tile’s neutral coloring makes it an ideal choice for remodeling a bathroom prior to putting a house on the market.

A handy, unobtrusive shelf has been added, which blends seamlessly with the surrounding walls.

This bath tub surround is…

Perfect for updating a fiberglass unit, to create a more pleasurable bathroom experience and/or for adding value to your home!

Vista, California, Shower Surround, 2014

This shower surround features natural stone travertine tile to create a timeless, rustic finish. The deco-strip adds a touch of extra color and definition.

For this surround that wraps around almost four walls of the enclosure, there is room for a seat and a shelf to be added.

This style of design is…

Perfect for having the look and texture of natural stone in your home… And for imagining you are showering under a waterfall, on a mountain, by moonlight!

La Costa, California, Shower Surround and Tray Installation, 2014

These photos were taken during the process of installing a Muraflo shower surround and shower tray. The shower tray is installed first. After the tray has been fitted, the installer attaches nine wall panels in a precise order from the bottom level to the top.

Following this, seams between panels are grouted, fixtures are added, and dry wall is installed around the Muraflo system.

This installation took…

One day to install the tray and wall panels, with a second half day to finish the seams, window and dry walling around the system!

Encinitas, California, Shower Surround and Tray, 2014

This shower surround and shower tray feature Marazzi’s soft and soothing sandstone style porcelain tile, (one of our Standard Collection Design choices).

The warm color and texture of the tile on the walls is contrasted by the dark glass deco-strip.

The shower tray features a fully tiled interior surface and curb to complete the overall look and feel.

This style of design is…

Perfect for creating an elegant, spacious shower environment to rejuvenate in, no matter how large or small your bathroom is!

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