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Modern Oasis Mix

For this warm and inviting shower surround and tray, we worked with the customer to create a semi-standard and semi-custom design.

To brighten up bathrooms where light sources are minimal, or where back-lighting can darken colors in the foreground, a lighter tone tile and colorful or light accent are ideal. So, for this surround the customer chose a standard Modern Oasis design with ‘Morning Haze’ wall tile and ‘Sweet Escape’ glass listello.

For the custom shower, we used a mosaic that offered some complementing colors and the customer’s own tile for the curb, to seamlessly blend into the tile on their bathroom floor.

A couple of corner shelves and decorative niche completed the design.


A Touch of Gray & Black

For this elegant custom shower, our customer had a strong preference for a surround that extended to the ceiling and for gray-toned colors.

They matched a sliced black pebble from our Invoke design collection with a gray tile from our Linden Point collection. They chose not to have a listello, but instead to have pebble inside the niche. The shelf and corner seat complete the overall look, as well as providing more functionality.

The resulting shower makes a clear statement with the bold black pebble niche and tray against a backdrop of subtly toned tile.

Custom Pebble Shower Tray

Our customer selected sliced pebble for this tray, which he matched with a tile that he purchased from an alternate source.

After fast installation of the tray, the walls were tiled via conventional means.

We are grateful to him for sending us photos of his finished shower and for letting us know:

“I am very pleased and installation of the Muraflo tray went very well. I managed to place it in without removing the toilet and the template you provided was spot on.”

Boardwalk Oasis Mix

This shower surround and tray is another example of the versatility of Muraflo’s Design Series; allowing customers to not only mix-n-match color choices from within one Series, but to also mix-n-match material choices from more than Series.

The shower tray is a pure Modern Oasis Series tray, with its 1″ x 3″ ceramic mosaic and matching porcelain tile on the curb.

The surround is a cross between the Modern Oasis Series 12″ x 24″ porcelain wall tile, laid horizontally, with a glass and metal horizontal listello selected from our Boardwalk Series.

The result is a serene and tranquil shower environment, enlivened by the starlight tones of the listello.

Linden Point Two-Wall Shower

This customer was looking for a custom two-wall surround and rectangular shower tray with a curb on two sides as part of their bathroom renovation.

Like many of our customers, they are handling some of the renovation work themselves, but needed some professional help for the shower.

They selected our Linden Point Series for the design and color scheme, mix-n-matching their choice from the three tile color options, with their choice from the six listello and six floor mosaic color options.

The Muraflo system was installed in a day and they are now completing their shower with the addition of fixtures, drain cover and glass doors. Once they have finished work on the rest of the bathroom, they will be ready to enjoy their new, relaxing environment!


This customer helped inspire one of our NEW Design Series, by selecting the soft-stone look gray porcelain wall tile, not previously featured as one of our standard designs, and matching it with a darker toned 2″ x 2″ glazed ceramic mosaic on the shower tray. This combination has become our NEW Linden Point Series.

They also chose to match it with a striking glass listello, one that has recently become a firm favorite with our customers. With its beautiful color and subtle textured patterning, it brings to life any bath or shower surround. This listello choice now features in our NEW Invoke Series.

Our Design Series already provide customers with personalized choices. The ability to add in a custom option of mix-n-matching between Design Series serves to create even greater flexibility.

Marrying Practicality with Beauty

This customer selected a custom design combination of an Italian cream porcelain tile matched with similarly colored cream pebble mosaic for the shower tray interior and niche interior.

Knowing that their bathroom floor and other bathroom features will include darker red and brown tones, they selected a rich brown-red-gold glass listello and dark bronze trim. The also provided their own brown-red tile for the shower tray curb; to merge seamlessly with their bathroom floor.

This warm combination of creams, browns, reds and gold creates a classically beautiful color palette.

The niche and corner shelf not only add storage space, but bring the design to life with their added textures and geometric shapes.

The joy of Playing with Colors

This customer selected a custom design which included some beautiful color combinations to create an elegant shower surround and shower tray.

Highlighting a softly shimmering, neutral color tile with a boldly colored blue-toned glass listello and dark black pebble shower tray, is perfect for adding contrast, color and vitality to a shower, while maintaining a sleek, sophisticated look.

The two corner shelves provide plenty of storage space, while the two corner seats allow ample sitting or foot-resting areas.

The look is completed with light bronze trim pieces on all ‘edges’ (side walls, tray curb, seats and shelves). Once the drain, fixtures and shower door/curtain are completed, this shower is ready to be enjoyed in all its glory!


Accessorize It!

This customer chose to upgrade their shower surround and tray with the addition of a variety of accessories.

Two corner shelves and an inset niche provide plenty of storage space, and the corner seat is perfect to provide a sitting or foot resting place, without taking up too much room within the showering area.

They selected a Sandstone Serenity based design, with a custom twist of an elegantly understated listello.

The design’s cohesive and stylish look is achieved with the use of matching tile, mosaic and trims on all the accessories.

Custom Prefab Shower with Niche

For this custom shower surround, tray / pan, and niche, we considered a variety of tile, mosaic and pebble choices with the customer, who wanted a light tone to replace a white fiberglass unit in a small bathroom.

They selected wall tile from our Smoke’n’Wood design and matched it with a pebble mosaic and driftwood curb shower tray from our Earthen Dwelling design.

In addition, they customized the listello to an upgraded horizontal band of delicate glass mosaic.

The design was unified by the mosaic which combined the gray, brown and cream tones of all the other materials quite beautifully.

‘Beachy’ Custom Design Prefab Shower

For this shower surround, tray and shelves, the customer selected a beach-inspired palette of materials.

After scheduling a visit to our showroom, we worked with them on their design, to get it just right for them.

Their wall tile is from our Smoke’n’Wood design matched with a custom pebble listello.

The pebble shower tray and driftwood curb is from our Earthen Dwelling design.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is to… get to know people and keep personal contact with them throughout the design, production and installation processes.

BOARDWALK Prefab Shower

These photos show a classic Boardwalk Series (formerly ‘Sandstone Serenity’) design shower surround and shower tray / pan.

To enliven a relatively small and dark bathroom, the customer selected the ‘Gray’ wall tile and matched it with ‘Amber’ brick mosaic. The tray interior features matching ‘Gray’ mosaic. Wall edges and tray curb are finished off with a ‘Light Bronze’ trim.

The tiles’ gently flowing patterns and the listello’s added color and brightness complement each other beautifully.

This design is perfect for… Creating a light, soothing and welcoming bathroom atmosphere.

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