Our mission and ethos

Muraflo’s mission is to effect positive, lasting change on the manufacturing methods and materials used for residential and commercial construction and renovation in America.

Three concepts form the foundation upon which we are growing our consumer focused and ethically principled company:

  •     We utilise high quality materials and design to produce products which bring enjoyment, relaxation, aesthetic and functional pleasure to people’s lives
  •     We actively seek innovative methods and creatively develop construction techniques and materials to address long standing construction issues and bring technological advancements to the industry
  •     We proactively research, source, develop and utilise environmentally superior materials and methods to ensure that our lasting legacy on this planet is a positive one

Our core ethos is a belief  that our customers’ enjoyment need not be at the expense of others or the planet. Therefore, muraflo strives to:

  • Use materials and methods that do not leave a damaging environmental or social footprint
  • Work in cooperation with companies of similar ethical stance
  • Research and implement improved materials and methods on a regular basis

We are proud to partner predominantly with American companies in the manufacturing of our products.

These partnerships ensure the provision of high quality materials at the cutting edge of environmental innovation, ethical employee working conditions and pay, and the continued support of a home-grown American economy.

To learn more about the company, please refer to our About Us page.

For more information on our environmental stance, please refer to our Green to the Core page