Green to the core

The spaces in which we live and work are not always designed with people’s or the planets’ continued health in mind. It is commonplace for potentially toxic, non-environmentally responsible materials and methods to be employed in home design and construction.

While it is becoming increasingly common for companies to adopt general environmental good practices, such as recycling office paper, it is generally a slower process for companies to change their production methods and utilize environmentally responsible materials.

Thankfully, change is on the way. New green building certifications and forward thinking companies are encouraging the trend towards greener materials and methods. Muraflo believes that one day all companies will adopt such practices. We would like to be at the leading edge of this trend, rather than bringing up the rear, so we have radically re-envisioned our processes and core materials. We will continue to do so in line with technological innovation and our own desire to be greener, until every element of our products can be constructed entirely from environmentally sound materials.

Muraflo’s backing panels

We are proud to be partnering with companies who are at the cutting edge of environmental innovation. The core materials required for our walls’ backing panels are provided by companies producing new alternatives to previously non-environmentally friendly materials.

We will continue to research and implement the best environmental materials for our walls to ensure that the legacy we leave to our children and this planet will be one we can all be proud of.

Our main partner companies are based in the USA,

ensuring that our transportation footprint remains minimal!

Muraflo’s tiles

Natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and glass are all derived from plentiful natural sources with an innately low environmental footprint when compared to other materials; however their production inevitably has environmental impacts attached. Defining and improving these impacts is a process currently being researched and developed worldwide. This is gradually resulting in new certifications and legislative procedures being introduced to the tile manufacturing business.

Our Standard Collection porcelain tile is manufactured in USA by Marazzi, a leading tile provider working towards a sustainable future, that carries out its own audits on products, facilities, corporate social responsibility activities, and customer and employee sustainability practices.

We source additional natural stone, ceramic, porcelain and glass materials from mainstream US companies. We are in the process of collecting data based on current, objective research to inform our future choices of materials and providers. We strive to establish lasting partnerships with companies that have the highest possible environmental and good practice certifications.

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