Technical Specifications and Design

View and download Mura-Tile Tray SPECIFICATIONS here:

Tray with Curb Specification
Flush Tray Specification

View and download Mura-Tile Surround general SPECIFICATIONS here:

Mura-Tile Surround General Specification

View and download our Mura-Tile Surround STANDARD DESIGN OVERVIEWS here:

Slate Undertones Surround
Smoke’n’Wood Surround
Concrete Jungle Surround
Pebbles’n’Waves Surround
Sandstone Serenity Surround

View and download our Mura-Tile Tray STANDARD DESIGN OVERVIEWS here:

Slate Undertones Tray
Smoke’n’Wood Tray
Concrete Jungle Tray
Pebbles’n’Waves Tray
Sandstone Serenity Tray