About Us

MURA = Latin for wall (think ‘mural’)

FLO = Going with the flow of life (also flowing rivers, waterfalls, ocean swells…)

Muraflo is a Californian company innovating the way we design and make home products in the USA. We believe in producing high quality products which bring enjoyment and relaxation to people’s lives, and are equally gentle on our planet.

We take pride in using high quality materials and offering a range of styles to enable you to create the look and feel of your choice.

Our goal is to bring you products which are cost effective, fast and mess-free to install,

and as replenishing to the environment as they are to you.

Muraflo was established by its director Bruno Penaloza in 2011. Bruno was born in Peru and moved to America as a young adult. He has since resided the majority of his life in Hawaii where, after five years of working as a pro-surfer and a surfboard builder, he re-trained in international business.

After managing a succession of companies manufacturing and distributing home and office improvement products, Bruno developed a passion for home building. He particularly enjoyed the challenges of solving problems within construction techniques and sourcing environmentally and technologically innovative materials for the home market.

The two areas in home building which have always required the most work, time,

money and energy are kitchens and bathrooms.

In 2006, after combining his knowledge of surfboard manufacturing and home construction processes, Bruno envisioned a new method of manufacturing and installing bathrooms. He researched, developed, tested, manufactured and installed his first bathroom products over a five year period in Hawaii and Peru.

In 2011, after meeting and marrying his British wife, Amanda Penaloza-Banks, the couple relocated to California, precipitating a re-establishing of the company in the USA.

Muraflo’s manufacturing processes have been re-envisioned after a development phase to establish partnerships with American companies and produce products that utilize materials at the cutting edge of environmental responsibility.

Now, Muraflo’s products, which include materials from such diverse sources as the surfing and aerospace industries, are as environmentally responsible as current technologies allow and are produced predominantly in the USA, with local materials sourced wherever possible.